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update your website by yourself without any knowledge of HTML

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you can create your own web site

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  1. Basic Web Design Lessons
  2. PHP/MySQL Web Development Lessons

Basic Web Design Lessons

Have you ever thought developing your personal or business website?

Learn how to design your own website from scratch. With minimum Internet knowledge, beginners can gain knowledge of the skills that will lead you to build your own complete business or personal website.

Web design lessons will take you step-by-step through the construction of a complete website from the basics of website design teaching HTML/XHTML, to the uploading of the website to your web space.

PHP/MySQL Web Development Lessons

If you already know the basics of website design you can enhance your website and add style to your documents (CSS).

Hidden code

The PHP Web Development lessons aim to show you how to create dynamically generated web pages and interact with a MySQL database in order to make your website more readable and functional to users.

You will develop applications using server-side techniques. You will also learn key application standards such as source and revision control, coding standards, code optimization and data integrity.

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Please notice that all lessons are one-to-one and available for Beginner and Advanced level.

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