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your website is your global shop window with a potential audience of millions

bespoke design and layout for your website

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update your website by yourself without any knowledge of HTML

Easy to manage

You can have control over your site



you can create your own web site

no prior knowledge required

Our offer:

Ready made website

You will have a website personalised with your own text and images in a standard layout. Great value for money. Fixed price: £ 99

Stratup business

Ideal for small business with a limited budget who do not neet to update their website very often. This is a brochure website (static) that has tipically 3-10 pages. Each website is quoted on the specifics of the website, Typical price: £ 400

Dynamic and Content Management System

Your pages will be personalised to the user. You can have a login page for every user and have a database where to store all kind of data. You can aslo edit your webpages and add new pages. Ideal for businesses who want to make frequent changes to the website. This is a large website. Typical price: £ 500 - 2,000

Prices include:
  • web design
  • hosting setup
  • email setup
  • web hosting for one year
  • domain name for one year
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